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  • Eight subsidiaries of Jianhua Construction Materials Group were unveiled in Zhongshan's Xiaolan Town.
  • In 2021, Zhongshan will continue to provide enrollment in public primary schools for school-age children of migrant workers in accordance with the points-based admission system.
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  • Akeso Biopharma Inc recently announced that its self-developed bispecific antibody drug for tumor immnuotherapy was awarded the orphan drug qualification by FDA.
  • In 2020, Zhongshan Vanward's sales totaled 439.6293 million yuan, up 29.80% year on year, of which the export goods sales totaled 393.9126 million yuan, up 20.60%.
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  • There will be three dragon-related performances including the Guzhen Liufang Cloud-dragon Dance, West District Changzhou Drunken Dragon Dance and Qiwan Golden Dragon Dance.
  • In recent years, Yakou Village has utilized its resources to develop rural experience tours, which attract a large number of tourists.
  • Exercise brings more joy to people's life. Many people stayed put in Zhongshan for the Spring Festival making for a livelier city.
  • There was no large-scale flower fair in Zhongshan this year, so temporary flower purchase sites were set up in towns and sub-districts instead.
  • Cultural venues in villages, towns (sub-districts), and the city will be used to plan these activities.
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